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                                         Illegal Trade
By Diana Scimone
President, Born to Fly International, Inc.


                             The World’s Third-Largest Illegal Trade

As a journalist I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been to a refugee camp in Sudan, an orphanage overflowing with “throw-away” kids in China, and a home for AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe. Nothing, however, prepared me for what I saw in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India: cages that held little girls—some as young as 5 years old—smuggled in from Nepal.

That’s when I first learned about the global child sex trade and began to write about it. On that trip I interviewed a young teenager whose boyfriend had drugged her and sold her to a madam. To read more, the whole article click here (Published in the Adventist Review, October 9, 2008, issue)


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Note: Since this article went to press, the name of the non-profit organization described in it has changed from PawPaw’s Pals to Born to Fly International. The new website is www.born2fly.org


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